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Can we get a running tab of all of the housewife blogs please


when I first made this blog I was one of very few domestic/housewife subs on here and now every time I turn around I’m  getting a message from a new sub interested in the housewife/fifties household lifestyle 

So if you’re a housewife sub, stepford sub, domestic sub, 50’s household, or anything domestic servitude related or even a Top/Dominant interested in the lifestyle if you could reblog and spread this around that would be fantastic.

I will compile a list of everyone that responds since I keep getting requests for other blogs. 

I am! We’re JUST getting into a cohesive routine despite having this dynamic for a while, but I’m here!

I managed to find a recipe to try for Master this morning despite my original plan falling through the cracks. He was very happy with it and expressed an interest in it being a repeat breakfast food.

I went upstairs and got everything started for it, then came back downstairs and started Master’s coffee. Back upstairs again to finish breakfast up, plate it, and bring it back down. In all it took me about 20 minutes from prep to plate, which is perfect.

After plating and bringing the food downstairs, I had a bit of extra time before his alarms even, so I laid out his clothes for the day for him, made sure that his keys, hat, and sunglasses were on the door rack, made his first cup of coffee, and began the process of waking him up. After breakfast I helped him dress for the day, made his second cup of coffee, and smoked a cigarette with him on the porch.

This is my first time doing a full morning routine and I’m really happy about it. Master’s also enjoying it a lot and it’s even given us an extra 15 minutes of time together this morning where he’s not getting ready for work. If I can get on a sleep schedule (despite my insomnia) that is consistently allowing me to wake up at least an hour prior to his alarms, I think both Master and I would very much like to keep this ritual.

Master’s Prefered Breakfast Log

  1. Baked Omelet Roll
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Well I was going to make Master Strawberry Oatmeal Bread for breakfast… But i’ve discovered that my Strawberries went bad :(

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this is everything

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I really, really want one of these… Damn my bank account!

I have to find more pillow shams to rescue and then victimize, so it’ll still be a bit before i have any made to ell, so thee’s plenty of time! As long as people show a relative interest I’ll at least go through a few to est the waters ;3

My apron <3 Pictures contain descriptions

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